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What I’ve done during my life is as varied as the stories I hope to tell. From running a non-profit serving frail elderly to being a documentary producer and later leading a national organization serving public broadcasting stations around the country to running my own business, I’ve enjoyed the journey. Writing has always been a part of what I’ve done; outreach packets, marketing pieces, full one-hour shows, as well as many speaking engagements.


Reading has been a constant as well.  First enamored with mysteries, I now read just about every genre. Give me a good story and I’m in. 


Historical novels are however what I’m really passionate about, and am currently seeking representation for my first historical novel. The idea of getting a peek into peoples life’s from another time and place is completely enthralling. That I might learn and see through a new set of eyes is what I love the most.  


My love of history started when I was an undergraduate taking a history class about the Roman Empire.  I took the class out of curiosity; I left the class thankful for the professor's true skill in making the history come alive.  How? Through stories, helping his students imagine what life was like for the roman solider, for those who were royalty, above reproach to the lowest of servants, those who had nothing.  I didn’t miss a class.


To bring to life history based on historical events with personal perspectives. To tell stories that help us understand, feel the obstacles of different times. To share unique voices often unheard

Maria is a member of the Wisconsin Writers Association, The Historical Novel Society – North America and several critique groups.  She hopes to begin a local historical novel critique group soon.

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